Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful, hopefully beautiful weekend. But however good it was, we need good poetry, and powerhouse fiction, and helpful prompts. Starting off our new week is the lovely Louise Mathias, and her daffodil light.


Moved the jackrabbit
from the road, laid her under
a bush. Land of little

shade, we do what we can.

One sport is crying while driving.
Another the daffodil light.

All the mornings I’ve found you,
been found.


I’m just eating a sandwich with Sarah,
when the wind picks up, and her hair

becomes another,

crucial, planet. Night running off
with itself. Away

from your star. So soft
is the fur

of the currently—

—previously appeared with The Academy of American Poets

LOUISE MATHIAS is the author of The Traps (Four Way Books, 2012) and Lark Apprentice (New Issues Poetry and Prose, 2004). She lives in Joshua Tree, California.

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