First of all, we really appreciate you stopping by this page—it means a lot to us.

Write around the Bend, even before it had a name, wanted to be more than a book club and a reading series. McKenzie had a vision for a literary magazine that crossed the boundaries of K12 writers and established writers in the same publication, and an after-school and weekend youth program for students who didn’t have proper access to creative writing. A donation studio for books and school supplies. Grants for emerging writers who couldn’t regularly afford to send out submissions and were thus disadvantaged—or who couldn’t think about submitting to the big-ticket contests to begin with. A low-cost writers’ retreat for weekend get-aways. And finally, the central brick-and-mortar home of WRB where the readings would happen and the supplies would be housed, and writers could rent out little pockets of space for hardly a dime when they don’t have a home or work environment that’s conducive to creativity.

It’s a large, long-term dream, but it’s ours, and we’re chasing it for the better.

Any donation you can provide, no matter how small, is appreciated.

You can do so over on PayPal to, or you can visit us on GoFundMe.


Poetic Donations—Every October and November, we collect small donations, and in exchange, we give the donors small poems (more details about the process here). WRB does not keep these funds, but instead donates them out to food banks, or to purchase gloves or shoes or holiday meals, for families in need. While this doesn’t get us closer to our financial goal, it gets us closer to our larger community goal, which is more important than anything else.

Tip Jar Submissions—WRB believes that writers should not have to pay to submit their work to consideration to journals, especially when the journal is not a paying publication. Since WRB is not yet in the position to pay their writers, submissions are free, with a Tip Jar option. If you would like to use the Tip Jar, you can submit additional work in exchange (more details here).


Etsy—More details soon! But plan on seeing bookmarks, buttons, broadsides, and the like!

Society6—More details soon! But plan on seeing t-shirts, mugs, and the like!