Looking Forward

Thank you for visiting this page! Write around the Bend spends a lot of time talking about what it’s currently doing, but we don’t get that many chances to talk about ALL of the things that Write around the Bend eventually wants to do for its community in Michiana and online.

Since February 2016, we have established a book club (WRB Reads), a writers’ accountability group (WRB Write Out), and a writers’ workshop (WRB Rewrites).

As of March 2017, we launched our online creative writing community, where we share our work and progress, creative writing prompts, creative writing classes, etc. It’s an extension of what’s being done in the WRB events and is active 24/7. You can join here.

As of April 2017, WRB is now accepting submissions for their online weekly writers’ feature series, The Curve, in anticipation of the release of their literary magazine, SHARK Literary Magazine. Watch the waters; we may be surrounded by rivers, but you just never know what could be lurking in the deepest parts.

And now, looking forward to our goals…

For summer 2017, WRB will offer online creative writing classes in fiction and poetry for middle school and high school students, as well as seminar-style online classes for adults and emerging writers that focus on submitting, creative writing programs (like tackling the MFA), how to assemble a manuscript, etc. We’ll also be adding, in a sense, to The Curve, by accepting submissions for a monthly broadside feature, and we will be starting a Youtube Channel, whaaaat?! Stay tuned for more details!

In Fall 2017, we plan to launch two small reading series: the WRB Reading Series, for established and emerging writers… and WRB Rejects, for writers to share works that they know are good, but that keep getting rejected over and over and over again. Sometimes we need to laugh at the process, while still celebrating our craft, to find the courage to send that work out again. Maybe that will be the time that it gets selected, and then they can come back and read it at the WRB Reading Series. 🙂

In Fall 2017 or Winter 2017, we will release our first issue of SHARK Literary Magazine, simply depending on timing and editor-power and the number of submissions we have. Stay tuned!

In October 2017, Poetic Donations will return for October and November to raise money for warm clothes and food for families in need. None of these funds will be kept by WRB; WRB is simply playing messenger. Send funds to WRB, WRB writes you a poem, written especially for you or a loved one, and the funds are given to an organization in need, and you’ll be given follow-up information after the process is complete. Happy Holidays. <3   And looking probably WAY forward, but hopefully not TOO forward…

The WRB Youth Program
Throughout her education, McKenzie loved to draw and write, but until she reached high school, she was minimally encouraged to explore and master these endeavors. As the years passed, her friends left their hobbies behind, one by one. But when she took a creative writing and publishing class in high school, McKenzie knew this was what she wanted to do with her life—so she continued writing through high school, took every creative writing class she could while in college, and then completed her MFA in Poetry by the age of 27. To support more young writers and artists at earlier ages than she was supported, McKenzie wishes to offer small-group creative writing classes to students in area schools as an afternoon or weekend program. This includes offering books and school supplies, as well as writing prompts and telling students about contemporary authors (who are still living and amazing, that they could potentially see read in-person) at a younger age that they can relate to, based on their interests and writing styles, and providing area-specific reading- and writing-skill enhancement exercises, as the students individually seem to require.

The WRB Writing Center
While WRB is building an online presence and wants to have as large of a creative writing family as possible, we would like to have a central location: where we can have an office, and can keep books and supplies for underprivileged students, as well as our WRB products. We also would like to have our own space to run our reading series, designed the way WRB envisions, as well as our workshops and creative writing classes. We also, provided a large enough space, would love to provide small rental spaces to writers who do not otherwise have home or work space that is conducive to creativity.

WRB Grants for Underprivileged Writers
WRB would eventually like to offer three different grants:
– The first is to support writers who do not have the funds to submit their work, often or at all, or who do not have it in their budgets to submit to the “big-ticket contests,” which often see very few writers of color, women, or “first-generation” writers.
– The second is to provide support for writers who can afford to submit but cannot afford to attend conferences, such as AWP.
– The third and final grant is an open-concept grant for writers who are working on a project that they anticipate submitting for publication in the next year. Women and WOC writers are strongly encouraged to apply, but all applicants are welcome.

The WRB Writer’s Retreat
In the same vein as the rental space for the WRB Writing Center, WRB would also like to offer a Writer’s Retreat to writers at a low-cost. The home McKenzie was previously interested in purchasing and renovating has since sold, but the right home will come along after these other needs for WRB have been met. <3   Thank you very much for reading, and thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support. If you would like to get involved, please contact McKenzie at wrbworkshop@gmail.com, and if you would like to donate, please see our DONATE page.