Youtube Channel


Thank you for visiting our Youtube Channel page! As is implied, yes!, we will be launching a Youtube Channel this summer, alongside our creative writing classes. These will not be intertwined—you won’t have to watch a Youtube video and then attend an online class—but they are meant to be complimentary resources offered by Write around the Bend.

Our Youtube Channel will be updated once per week with a short video (under 10 minutes in length) with a writing prompt, and a celebration. If you are participating in the Channel, you are encouraged to complete the writing prompt and then submit your piece to McKenzie will then reply to all pieces submitted with a little bit of feedback in a workshop-style… and then will select one, favorite piece to share, to celebrate, at the end of her next video. So the video will include this week’s writing prompt and a celebration of last week’s writing submissions.

We are really excited about this venture and have been thinking about this and planning for it for a very long time, longer than Write around the Bend had a name (notice that McKenzie had a lot of this in the works long before WRB had a name—this all has been on her heart for a very, very long time). We hope that you will join us, either in our community, or on our channel, or both!