Hi friends, I know it’s been one mess of a two weeks… and not even just for Hillary supporters, but for everyone. It’s been a time of seeing true colors, ulterior motives, and highly questionable, if not downright despicable behaviors… and I’m right there with you: It’s exhausting, and it’s disheartening. I’ve wanted nothing more in the past few weeks than to clock out, pick up my daughter from daycare, and go home to cuddle and play with her. No internet, no news, no static, just us.

That being said, particularly in the past two days, I have heard or read multiple writer friends ask some version of the question, “Have you written anything since the election?” or “How have you gotten back to writing since then?”

And I am surprised, because my immediate response is, “How have you not?”

Don’t get me wrong, in the past few weeks, all I’ve wanted is to get home with my daughter (or stay home with her, period), but I also need art in my life during times like these more than any other time, period. These times are exhausting, and they are disheartening; but art helps to wake me up, to revive me, and relight my fire, to remind me that we as people have souls and are worth saving and are lovely, beautiful beings. I need to be reminded of that.

After this election especially, many people have been grieving. Literally grieving. Or they are terrified out of their minds of the president-elect. Or perhaps we are not even talking about the election; perhaps they have just lost someone near and close to them; perhaps they have just lost their job, or they have had to make a difficult decision in their life. Whatever your life currently holds, more than likely there is always something trying in your life that competes for your writing life, and your writing heart.

My answer? Throw on your grief, or your fear, like a coat.

Wrap it around you tight.

Put it on like shoes. Let it lead you where it wants you to walk.

Put that hat on, and let it turn your head. Where do you look?

This may feel like an impossibly simple suggestion for some of you, but if there is something plaguing your heart that is keeping you from writing—you have to go there. Turn it into a metaphor or simile like I did above. Turn it into someone else, and let them get hit by a bus. Or, if you’re kinder, you’re the one who gets the promotion. Start somewhere small.

Batteries Not Included is a really old movie, so I don’t know if any of you have ever seen it, but I watched it like crazy as a kid and had to have a copy for my collection and still break it out from time to time. Little sub-neighborhood in a big city, with a small invasion of even smaller UFO-looking aliens. I was one of those kids who would busy myself with other things, except for my favorite scenes. You know what my favorite scene was? At the end of the movie, the boarding house (which was the central backdrop of the film) is involved in a fire, and the next morning, one of the boarders goes back in the front lobby to find the smallest of the UFO’s trying to rebuild the boarding house, starting with the lobby floor tiles.


Sometimes the best thing you can do is start replacing the pieces.

Can’t wait to see what you write, friends.

Until Later, Best ~ from me.

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