Hi friends, I just wanted to give a special shout-out to Kelcey Parker Ervick this morning for her excellent, excellent reading at LangLab last night, as a part of her book launch for The Bitter Life of Božena Němcová. It was a really lovely reading, and included an awesome introduction that set the scene of Prague, and also a warm and encouraging open mic of Letters to Dead Authors. It was a really great time, and I enjoyed it. Thank you, Kelcey, for this great book and for doing this reading, and thank you, LangLab and Lit Literary Collective (and Ulreia, Inc.) for putting it on. It’s great that there are so many opportunities for writers in this town, huh?

Also, a few of you really wanted me to get up there to share during the open mic, which I really appreciated, but I just wasn’t up to it… But if you really want to read my letter-now-poem, you can read that here, on my other life.

Have a good day, friends.

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