Good morning and Happy Friday, friends!!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, and I know this isn’t a Fabulous Fiction Friday post as tradition would suggest, but… I have great news!

Any of you reading this know about our website… and most of you know about our Like Page—that’s where we got our start—but as of last night, WRB will now include a free, ongoing, interactive, online creative writing community, where you can share your work, your revisions, and your questions about writing! I’ll also be posting writing prompts and online writing challenges—and more information about my Youtube Channel and online creative writing classes SOOOOON! If you would like to join us, you can do that here.

Let me say that again: Join Our Community Here. <3

Our Like Page will still be alive and well for events, sharing our website’s posts, and definitely housing our photos, so it’ll have a little mind of its own. If you haven’t liked the page yet and want to, you can do that here.

And there will always be this little gem, our website, where our Poetry in Motion Mondays began in solo and branched out to Workshop Wednesdays and all the rest. Though I’ve been slacking off lately, these lovely things will continue, and I’ll get back to sharing the local events with you, too. And since I offered on the other two, if you would like to subscribe to the website’s new content, you can do that over on the main page.

So while these three platforms all link back to the same organization, they’re all doing somewhat different, important things for writers.

Stay tuned, stay tuned. <3

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