Hi everyone!! I hope you’re enjoying your day. As a part of National Poetry Month, today (April 27) was Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day, for which you could carry a poem in your pocket, and read it or share it with others around you whenever you want! So, on behalf of Write around the Bend, I spent the last week collecting a wide variety of lovely poems, folded them up into little note-squares and footballs like an excited high school girl, ready to share them with everyone today.

This morning, I went around South Bend and IU South Bend’s campus SUPER EARLY and planted poems! We’re talking student lounges, the cafe, the library, benches, bus stops, a FedEx station—you name it, WRB

probably Easter Bunny’ed it. And you know, it was SO early, and I definitely needed coffee, but it was a great way to start my day, getting all those great poems out there, knowing that I was leaving them in TOO visible of places for people NOT to find them.

As a matter of fact, I went back to the places where I hid poems on IU South Bend’s campus, and there were only three left, in a student lounge. They were on the floor under a table, probably accidentally brushed off when a student set their backpack on the table and knocked the poems off the table by mistake. I figured no one would pick them up, so I took them with me, but I have to say that, after as many of them I had prepared, only finding three was the coolest thing.

I’m so happy. Poetry was out in the world, you guys. <3   If you'd like to receive a hand-selected poem over email, or if you'd like to be surprised with one of these last three pocket poems, let me know at wrbworkshop [at] gmail [dot] com.   Have a great night, friends. <3    

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