Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Let me just say first that I’m sorry for the radio silence, and the inconsistency in my posting. That’s no way for me to build a community. Tonight, I’m giving myself what I used to lovingly call a CRUNCH PARTY after my daughter goes to bed, where I will work into the late hours, eat foods that I love, and correspond with great people. If you would like to be one of those great people, I will be catching up on my WRB email, and I’ll be on FB Messenger!

In the meantime, we will not be having Favorable Fiction Friday this week, BUT our Like Page and our website are going to be PACKED next week, and it’s going to be very, very lovely, and I’m also starting something new with you here today:

Writing prompts! Because we’re writers, and sometimes we need some inspiration, right?

In my free WRB community, I’ve been posting these writing prompts, mostly daily, for a while now, and I also give the writers who have joined that community the opportunity to send me their work for PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK from yours truly to wrbworkshop@gmail.com. If you join the community, you will have that opportunity for feedback, too. (You can join the community here.) But in the meantime, if you would like to use the writing prompts, and at least share your writing with the internet community (and me! I’ll still read your work!) for accountability’s sake, please post your work in the comments!

Here we go! Our writing prompt for Friday!

So. Some of you know that I’ve been in the madhouse of hosting a garage sale. Well, I went through my house, relatively top-to-bottom, pulling items that we don’t really use anymore or love anymore, that could use a new home. This meant finally turning to my bookshelves, to surrender books I never loved or am finally willing to admit I never want to read again (tangent: deep and true book lovers, you understand the difference between never WANT to read again and never WILL read again; there are books you will hold onto sentimentally that you know you will never read again, but that remain a part of your collection… but there are others that you will disconnect from, and sell or donate, because you never WANT to read them again, for one reason or another). In the midst of this, I removed quite a few of my graphic novels and comics, not including my Hatter M series, which is a graphic portrayal of the Mad Hatter trying to save Alice, who has descended tragically into our world. On the flip side of this, I found a horrible novel that is a horror story rendering of Wonderland. It was, to the best of my ability to define, erotic horror, and an awful read. I somehow managed to finish it, when I really shouldn’t have; it was back when I forced myself to finish reading books no matter what.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the role of perception, as the Mad Hatter plays a dramatic role in both of these rewrites, and also the role of the genre—since the original Wonderland is more of a mystical fantasy, while Hatter M is more of a graphic action, and this novel, as I said, was erotic horror. It shall remain nameless, because I don’t want you to get curious and go put yourselves through it.

So your writing prompt today is very open-ended. I want you to take a short work that you love, and dramatically transform it: Make a supporting character the main character, and move the main character into the shadows. Change the genre… and maybe even write it in a different form (poetry, illustrate it, etc). See what happens. See how you think about the work, and the story, differently.

I’d love for you to share your work in the comments. And if you’d like feedback, join my free creative writing community (again, you can join the free community here), and then send your work to wrbworkshop@gmail.com.

And as I said above, I’ll be working late tonight and will be available by email and FB Messenger. I’d love to have a chat. <3


(Image Credit: Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.)



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