Welcome to WRB’s The Curve! We really appreciate you checking us out, and we’re glad you’re here.

While we continue to build what will be our literary magazine and fill the waters with our little idea-seedlings that will grow into SHARK Literary Magazine, we want to begin recognizing and featuring writers now, rather than letting another few months go by.

So we present to you: The Curve.

We are accepting submissions in poetry, prose (fiction, flash, and short memoir welcome), 10-minute (or micro) plays, and original book pun cartoons.

Your work, if selected, will be featured on Write around the Bend on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, depending on the genre (and we will email you in advance to let you know of the publication date, so you can prepare to see it go live, and share in the publicizing joy), and we will also include your piece in one of the issues of SHARK Literary Magazine during its first year. Upon your work’s appearance in SHARK, all rights revert back to you, as they should.

Also, once your work has appeared on the website, please feel free to submit again—but perhaps hold your breath (water pun, we know, we’re full of them) and wait one month, so we can give other writers a chance and time to submit their work, as well. But just know the door is always open to send more work, whenever you’re ready.

You may submit:

– 3 poems of any length, of any style
– 1 work of fiction/memoir (up to 2,000 words), OR 3 works in flash/micro
– 1 10-minute play or micro-play
– 2 original book pun cartoons

What content will we feature?

We will consider work of any “content area,” but if you are particularly concerned about it, we especially love the surrealist / imaginative stuff, or the really-real, raw stuff—work that pushes the bill as far as honesty or imagery.

How often will we accept and review submissions?

Submissions will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, but we plan to go live with our first week of featured writers on June 1, 2017.

Do we accept simultaneous submissions?

You MAY submit your work to us simultaneously, of course, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere—most of you have heard this drill before.

Do we consider re-publishing works?

We prefer original works, but we will also consider works that have been published previously. However, you must state upon submission that this is a re-pub. If the work is accepted, we will then request the prior-publication information. Failure to state that the work was previously published upon the time of submission may result in a cancellation of submission. This is simply to avoid lack of recognition of a prior publication.

Are we currently paying our creatives for their work?

We unfortunately do not currently have the funds to pay our writers for their submissions, and for that, we greatly apologize—we really do. Because of that, we do not expect our writers to pay for their submissions. Please submit your work to, subject line “WRB THE CURVE [GENRE] SUBMISSION,” so we can keep our emails sorted.

What is the Tip Jar Option?

If you would like to make a contribution to our Tip Jar, our greatest thanks to you. Our funds are currently, slowly, being pooled toward our literary magazine, potentially renting an office space, starting a writers’ retreat, and funding grants for under-privileged and emerging writers, among other “things.” In exchange for our thanks, we open the floor for you to send additional submissions: If you are submitting poetry, micro works, or cartoons, each $1 donation earns you an additional sub. A $3 donation earns you an additional sub in fiction/memoir. Please send these donations via PayPal to We will send you a notification of receipt of your submission and your Tip Jar donation.


Looking for places to have your book reviewed? Or are you interested in having an author interview? Contact McKenzie Lynn Tozan on her author website, where she accepts pitches for book reviews, author interviews, and independent broadsides.


Later this summer, before the launch of SHARK Literary Magazine, WRB will also launch a monthly broadside feature. (WE KNOW, it’s awesome! We’re excited!) If you are interested in having one of your poems featured, or an excerpt of your prose (in any genre!) featured, stay tuned for submission details; they are currently being drafted, almost literally as we speak. <3