WRB’s The Curve


Welcome to WRB’s The Curve! We really appreciate you checking us out, and we’re glad you’re here.

While we continue to build what will be our literary magazine and fill the waters with our little idea-seedlings that will grow into SHARK Literary Magazine, we want to begin recognizing and featuring writers now, rather than letting another few months go by.

So we present to you: The Curve.

Like a bend in the river, or the turn that your work can take.

We will feature one piece in poetry, one prose, and one cartoon or play, each week, in addition to our traditional posts (though, our Poetry in Motion Mondays and Favorable Fiction Fridays will gradually begin to look a little different—in the best of ways!).

We’re really looking forward to doing this, as it will give us the opportunity to bring new voices and ideas to the WRB site, and it will help us steamroll into SHARK’s release, which we’re hoping will be more like Fall and less like Winter—but we’ll see what we can do. <3 So for now, please send us your work, over on the SUBMIT page! We can’t wait to read what you have to share, and we’re going to keep working on building this lit mag… and a reading series… and everything else we keep telling you about.

Thanks for your support, all.