WRB Events

Thank you for visiting WRB’s Event page! We’re really happy you’re here, and we hope that you will get involved.

Below, you’ll see a general overview of our current events, but please see our Events Calendar in the right-hand margin, which links directly to our Facebook Events on our Like Page.

Please also note that each of the below events now have an in-person and online option. For each, we now establish an in-person time and meeting place, with a follow-up time to meet online for those who can’t meet in-person or who live outside of Michiana.


About WRB Reads & WRB Opener
For our book club, WRB wishes to provide a multi-genre experience, to welcome and entertain as many readers, writers, and thinkers as possible. Some of the titles we have read so far, for example, have ranged from Esther Ehrlich’s Nest to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. We’ve read fiction and historical fiction, and we plan to read short fiction collections and poetry this year.

Also new to this year is the WRB Opener, where an individual can choose to opt out of the book club’s choice of book and still participate. To participate in the WRB Opener, you choose your book, share why you chose it, and give yourself a goal for after you’ve read it (as a result of reading this, I will/I’ll read, etc.). Obviously your goal might change as a result of having read the book, but just to give yourself some guidance, and to add to the book club discussion.

This makes our book club a little different, but by involving so many genres, and allowing the open book option, we keep the floor open to more readers, and we keep the discussion focused more so on what it should be focused on—books!—and less focused on what it shouldn’t be—I’m sorry I didn’t have time to read a long novel this month; I could have fit in some short stories, though…


About WRB Write Out
Once a month, WRB organizes a writers’ accountability group: a night to get out and write out—your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas… for that new novel, essay, poem, story, whatever you have stored up inside of you.

We know how hectic life gets with work, school, kids, and obligations, and how hard it can be to fit your writing into the mold without other things pouring over… but even taking one night off per month can make a difference, and perhaps it will spur something on. Maybe it will inspire you to carry around a little notebook to jot down ideas during the day to make your writing process that much easier.

So we hope that you will join us for our next Write Out. Bring whatever you need—a laptop or notebook with pens, books that inspire you… McKenzie will bring some writing prompts, just in case.


About WRB Rewrites
WRB wishes to offer an open, multi-genre workshop once per month where writers can share their work and have it discussed and workshopped by others in the community. If you are interested in participating, please send your work to wrbworkshop@gmail.com the Monday prior to the workshop to McKenzie, so she can distribute a packet of work to all participants. Others are still welcome to attend, and even share their work with the group; it simply will not be workshopped that month.

We look forward to having you with us. <3